Scientific Issues

Aims and Scope

The ExTech symposium series is the major conference emphasizing new developments in sample preparation technologies leading to integration and miniaturization of the whole analytical process to facilitate high throughput laboratory and on-site determinations. The series, started in 1999 by Prof. Janusz Pawliszyn (Canada), has been held annually around the world. The conference will follow the format of the successful previous conferences and will provide all participants with a comprehensive multi-disciplinary update on the field of extraction technologies.

ExTech has become a unique and vital platform for the exchange of information and ideas in the growing field of sample preparation. The Symposium is focused on the fundamental developments and new technologies of extraction and sample preparation in different areas of analytical sciences highlighting environmental issues, food quality and safety, pharmaceutical and personal care products analysis, bioanalysis and natural product chemistry.


Main Topics

The sessions will deal with the following main topics:

• Theoretical and fundamental aspects of extraction technologies
• New extraction phases
• New technologies and techniques
• Sample preparation for direct introduction to MS
• Direct Analysis in Real Time (DART)
• Emerging contaminants and current issues
• Environmental sampling. New devices and developments for passive sampling
• Food control and analysis; Industrial applications
• Foodomics
• Natural products, flavor and fragrance analysis
• Forensic analysis; Biological sample preparation
• Sample preparation and analysis of pharmaceuticals and personal care products
• Biomedical applications, diagnostic tools
• Bioanalytical applications
• Microfluidics/Lab-on-a-chip: new devices and techniques
• New strategies and innovation for Genomics, Proteomics and Metabolomics
• New developments in sensors and assays – Remote sensing
• Automated analytical systems
• Commercial developments and markets

Scientific Programme

The programme will include Invited Lectures given by outstanding scientists and, Oral and Posters Contributions chosen based on abstract selection.

Scientists and delegates of enterprises and manufacturers are welcome; several oral communications will be reserved to specialists of companies and manufacturers, which are acting as Sponsors of the event.

You are invited to actively contribute to the scientific programme by presenting your research through Oral and Poster Presentations.

Several awards will be given and the Scientific Committee will evaluate and select the winners on the basis of the scientific relevance of the addressed issues as well as on the quality of the communications.

Selected contributions to ExTech2017 will be published in a ExTech virtual special issue of the following three Elsevier journals:
-Journal of Chromatography A,
-Analytica Chimica Acta,